Hello there! i'm the mayor of awesome! i'm always looking for a good read in letters so send them to me :D
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notes to mayor bree turned 1 today!

pff this picture :P idk why it turned out good in the first place . D: anyway this is when you have realized on animal crossing you chopped down a tree with a beehive in it :3 just a small joke rofl i didn’t want to color it either, looks better uncolored. Enjoy 

Something way back on my modblog. Enjoy this picture

Wow its been a while

Sorry i haven’t updated this blog for a while :D i plan to redo my animal crossing town so it might be a while before this is updated again. I’ll let u all know when the dream town has been updated. and i’ll probably start making more patterns for u all to enjoy too :) 

Dream town is updated sorry for it not being updated for a while :3 

Me and Dr. Shrunk just dancing :3 finally got the Shrunk Funk Shuffle, which is now my favorite emote on animal crossing: New leaf :3
sample picture of my house :3 can see more if visit my town in a dream :3 ( this is the basement )
Went to what appears to be known as the Cinderella town :3 through the dream suite